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Assorted Bagels


Bagel Co.

Gateway Bagel Co. is Laredo's ONLY bagel shop serving freshly baked authentic New York bagels


The idea all started back in New York City, where Omar Tijerina, a native Laredoan and Chef at Google in Manhattan, met and married his wife Jamie Muskin Tijerina, a native New Yorker who was teaching on Long Island. Even as their careers grew in New York, a new opportunity brought them back to Texas, and the ability to finally start pursuing their passion project began.


Bagels are a way of life for everyone, rich or poor, big or small, in the state of New York and in various places around the world. They offer something for virtually anyone, and Omar and Jamie decided they would like to bring something they ate almost every morning on their way to work, and brought them so much joy and great memories, to the city of Laredo and the great people who live in it!

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